Incorporating Mid-Century Modern In Your Home

It's no secret I have a love for mid-century modern design. This minimalistic home décor style gives way to a versatile and artful aesthetic known for its staying power. For those new to this design or looking to update their current décor, mid-century modern can create a look that never goes out of style. In an article from Style Blueprint, design expert, and owner of Soho Retro, Steven Thomas, discusses the best ways to bring this distinct look to your home.

For those new to mid-century modern, the term was coined in 1984 to describe “the mid-century era of décor that boasts clean, free-flowing lines and low-slung modern shapes.” As Thomas elaborates in the article, this style is about using simple lines and shapes that are interesting. By paying attention to these detail and juxtaposing angles, you can “create points of interest that lead the eye without being overwhelming or distracting.”

Choosing objects with varying textures and shapes. As an example, Thomas states they often use “a lot of antique chests and sideboards for clients, and the patina from the antique chest looks beautiful paired with a colorful, smooth lamp and a modern piece of art. The chest validates the lamp and the art, while the lamp and art make the chest feel relevant to this time period.”

Another important aspect of creating a mid-century modern design is to incorporate pieces from different time periods. This creates a mixture and gives you the “freedom to continue adding and editing as your house evolves through the years, ultimately ending with a personal mix that reflects you and brings you daily inspiration.”