Seward Park

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Where the birds chirp along Lake Washington could soon be filled with the sound of a Sonics boom.

Real estate broker Chris Doucet is on a full-court press helping line up local properties that could be fit for a "King" -- a Sacramento King, should the team move to Seattle and become the Sonics.

An indoor pool is one of many selling points for a $9.9 million mansion in Seward Park. 

"A very long pool for someone with very long arms," Doucet said. "It's perfect for doing laps, working out, laying in the sun."

Adjacent is a state of the art home gym.

"I think this rivals most gyms that are membership gyms," Doucet said.

And upstairs is the home office.

"It's like the corporate center for the brand -- the brand, being an NBA player," Doucet said. "You are the brand and this is your business."

You can video-conference in your coach, your agent, or family -- and fans -- from a faraway location.

"There's so many types of people that would potentially be moving," said Chris Dingman with Dingman Group, a nationwide relocation company for athletes. "You're going to have a whole influx of personnel -- athletes, trainers -- they're all going to be new people to the city. And if it happens, it's definitely going to cause a 'Sonic boom,' if you will."

So where could that Sonics player practice?

Architects are already eyeballing an adjacent house to knock down and build an NBA-sized basketball court.

Architect David DiMarco says they'd have to be careful in how they built the court -- submerging some of it into the ground.

"Because, as you can imagine, it's quite a large structure and this is a quiet and respectable neighborhood environment," he said.

Doucet says even if the property doesn't have a full-sized court, they have compiled 20 other properties that could be intriguing to NBA players and staff – places that have large doorways, indoor training facilities, are close to the proposed arena. And clients can be sure they will note the ceiling heights.

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