Palm Springs North

Palm Springs North Featured on the New York Times

Palm Springs North, a home represented by  Chris Doucet, was featured in the New York Times article, “What You Get for… $1,200,000” written by Mike Powell. The home, which practically begs one to bust out the Sinatra while sipping a dirty martini, is described by Powell as “textbook midcentury” with its “open floor plan, pitched ceilings, walls of windows,” but is taken to the next level for its sweeping views of “Lake Washington, Mount Rainier and the Cascade Range,” updates stemming  from “a major renovation about five years ago,” and of course, the lush palm trees, which were “planted when they were about six inches tall by the original owner.”

The folks at The New York Times aren’t the only ones to notice Palm Springs North, as Sean Keeley fromCurbed Seattle also wrote about this exclusive property, calling it a  perfect home for a party, as “everything feels geared toward entertaining, including the open living spaces, kitchen breakfast bar, front porch and back patio complete with…palm trees,” a unique addition fitting for a truly spectacular property.