Expedia Announces Office Renewal in Bellevue in the Wake of Its Move to Seattle

Expedia recently revealed to GeekWire that it would retain some of its office space in Bellevue, despite the company’s departure for a Seattle headquarters in 2019.

“As is traditional with Expedia culture, we adjust over time to meet the needs of our employees,” Expedia Vice President of Global Real Estate Mark Nagle told GeekWire. “We found that there was a desire to keep some space on the Eastside as an option for employees as we transition to Seattle.”

Although Expedia is retaining office space in Bellevue for approximately 500 employees, over 2,000 Expedia employees will either have to commute across Lake Washington or consider housing closer to the Seattle campus. It appears it will be worth it. The new, multibillion-dollar campus is situated on stunning Elliott Bay waterfront just minutes from downtown, and close to the coveted neighborhoods of Queen Anne, Interbay, and Magnolia.

Expedia initially announced that it would revitalize the former Amgen campus to include four redeveloped lab buildings and a new 600,000-square-foot building for a total of 1.2 million square feet. However, GeekWire reported that Expedia has since decided to scale back on what the campus will have when it first opens in 2019.

Eventually, Expedia will build out Phase II and Phase III over a 15-year timeframe, expanding the campus to 1.9 million square feet with accommodations for up to 8,000 employees. This is all dependent on city permitting, which Expedia is currently pursuing.

Having the ease of living close to where you work and spending less time in the car is becoming more and more important, especially in this busy day and age. We predict we’ll see an influx of Expedia employees making the move to the Elliott Bay area as we get closer to 2019.