Featured on The Herald Business Journal

We are excited to announce that Tranquility on Dogwood Bluff was recently featured on The Herald Business Journal as Snohomish County’s Most Expensive Home of 2014!

Doucet believes the reason the home sold for such a high price is due to the fantastic views of the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains.

“The house itself is breathtaking. Then you go outside and you see the view. And the view is expensive. There is a sense of relaxation when you’re surrounded by this kind of view and this amount of greenery. It’s almost like you decompress when you’re surrounded by this wonder.”

The 2 acre property features a rooftop deck and fire pits allowing the new owners to sit back and enjoy the horizon. Selling for $2.93 million in August makes it the most expensive home sold last year in the county by any real estate agent affiliated with the NWMLS.

“We were pretty discriminating about who we showed it to,” says Doucet. “That’s pretty typical. Most people don’t want to have looky loos tromping through their $3 million property. We anticipated that it might be someone from Asia or Europe, but it was a local buyer.”

Although the home sat on the market for a year before selling, Doucet explained that is typical of luxury homes when the customer base is limited. The recession hit high-end homes much like it did other real estate, however, now that the market has turned around, luxury homes are selling well again.

Dean Jones, Owner of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty, also provided insight into the trends that are motivating real estate sales in the region. Groups propelling the market include:

  1. First-time home buyers and those selling their homes and buying up
  2. The increasing Washington population (the state welcomed 85,000 new residents in 2014)
  3. The high number of foreign buyers, mainly from China, looking at the Puget Sound region

These trends, among others, are driving the luxury real estate market at the moment and we are excited to see where they take us this year!

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The Doucet Team's Lakehaven Listing Featured on Seattle Refined

We are happy to announce that on July 30, our Lakehaven property was featured in Seattle Refined. Britt Thorson says, “there are houses, and then there are works of art,” admitting that “it’s hard to decide what’s more impressive; the indoor or outdoor aspect of this house.” She also noted the “over 130 feet of private waterfront that boasts the biggest dock on the lake (yup – including the Allen and Gates’ properties!), fondly referred to by locals as The Queen Mary Dock.” Those, among a long list of other features she was crazy for, are what elevated Lakehaven to the top and we have to admit, we ‘ve fallen in love with this stunning property too.

Palm Springs North Featured on the New York Times

Palm Springs North, a home represented by  Chris Doucet, was featured in the New York Times article, “What You Get for… $1,200,000” written by Mike Powell. The home, which practically begs one to bust out the Sinatra while sipping a dirty martini, is described by Powell as “textbook midcentury” with its “open floor plan, pitched ceilings, walls of windows,” but is taken to the next level for its sweeping views of “Lake Washington, Mount Rainier and the Cascade Range,” updates stemming  from “a major renovation about five years ago,” and of course, the lush palm trees, which were “planted when they were about six inches tall by the original owner.”

The folks at The New York Times aren’t the only ones to notice Palm Springs North, as Sean Keeley fromCurbed Seattle also wrote about this exclusive property, calling it a  perfect home for a party, as “everything feels geared toward entertaining, including the open living spaces, kitchen breakfast bar, front porch and back patio complete with…palm trees,” a unique addition fitting for a truly spectacular property.

Kirkland Condo Featured on Curbed Seattle

Our ears perk up when we hear a home designed by noted architect Jim Olsen is on the market. Same goes for when we hear a home features interiors byTerry Hunziker. When you get both together, like you do in this 4-BR Kirkland condo going for $6.1M, our ears are at full perkage. You'll get plenty of chances to look out at the waterfront views from the southwest-facing home thanks to the open plan rooms and window walls. We especially dig that fireside alcove with leather chair facing out at the water. Not a bad little nook to hang out in.

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